From Bondage to Freedom

A metallic chain with an explosed link.






I walked in darkness and not the light;
I thought this life was just a physical fight;
Being bound in chains by my own sin;
I had no peace within.

I thrived on pain was so full of rage;
My rebellion trapped me in its cage;
I looked for freedom or so I thought;
Not knowing or caring the bondage it brought.

I sought fulfillment in the bottle and drugs;
The daily quest to get a buzz.

When all was gone I wanted more;
I couldn’t accept that all would go black,
Was I ignorant? What knowledge I lack?

Naked and cold one day in a cell,
At my lowest point I felt this was hell.

Not wanting to live, but only to die;
I began to tremble, I began to cry.

Never hardly before, I thought I was tough;
Had complete control, though times got rough.

It was in this state I began to see,
A way of peace for you and me.

My burdens so heavy I could not bear,
To carry them longer, I wondered who cared?

I began to remember what Mom said to me;
How Jesus had died to set sinners free.

I rejected all that she had to say,
And in my pride I chose my own way.

But now the reality of my life had set in;
No hope let in this world, could I find it in Him?

Would Jesus forgive me if I called on His name?
Would He accept me, and free me from shame?

Before this was crazy, it sounded absurd,
But now I believed the gospel I’d heard.

On my knees in guilt, from the things I’d done.
I cried unto Jesus, “Please forgive them each one.
Come into my heart and have mercy on me;
Make me the new man you’d have me to be.”

I write to you friend, my witness is true.
Christ surely will do what He promised to do.

When the things of this world caused me such strife,
In the end only Jesus could give me true life.

A life full of peace, joy, and love.
That can only be given from the Father above.

Now my heart is filled with such heavenly bliss, and I
Have a new song that goes just like this.

Father in heaven, how great you are!

Thank you for salvation, through Jesus our Lord.

Christ died at Calvary, to save you and me,
Through the blood of Jesus, God’s forgiveness is free.


In Christ By Grace,