Sin Brought Ruin and Grace Redeemed

In the garden of Eden, God’s command was disobeyed; upon Adam his seed condemnation would be laid.  The first man’s sin passed on all the human race, but God had a plan to give salvation by His grace.  No great demonstration of God’s love the would would see; than to look upon the sinless one who hung upon the tree.  Jesus Christ had a purpose when sent to this earth, to seek and save sinners to give them a new birth.

Upon a cruel cross God’s Son was crucified; for sinner’s transgressions it was there that He died.  God laid upon Jesus the sins of us all, to save us from judgement that came through the fall. The Saviour was born from a pure virgin’s womb; He lived, bled and died and was laid in a tomb.

There’s still more too, this gospel we have said; for on the third day Jesus rose from the dead!  The Father raised Him up, Christ lives forevermore; if you desire to be saved He is the only door.  If you hear His voice please harden not your heart: For no one really knows, when from this life we’ll part.  Born of God’s spirit my dear reader you must be, to enter into heaven with Jesus forever to see.

If you died today, with your soul would all be well?  For eternity where would you be in heaven or hell?  Jesus is the Redeemer, of sinners this is true; if you call upon His name He will save you too.

Repent and believe the gospel, a new creation you will be; for Jesus said who He makes free, will surely be free indeed!  –GLR