Jesus Loves You Is Not The Gospel

Source: Jesus Loves You Is Not The Gospel


A great article by my friend Derek.


Sin Brought Ruin and Grace Redeemed

In the garden of Eden, God’s command was disobeyed; upon Adam his seed condemnation would be laid.  The first man’s sin passed on all the human race, but God had a plan to give salvation by His grace.  No great demonstration of God’s love the would would see; than to look upon the sinless one who hung upon the tree.  Jesus Christ had a purpose when sent to this earth, to seek and save sinners to give them a new birth.

Upon a cruel cross God’s Son was crucified; for sinner’s transgressions it was there that He died.  God laid upon Jesus the sins of us all, to save us from judgement that came through the fall. The Saviour was born from a pure virgin’s womb; He lived, bled and died and was laid in a tomb.

There’s still more too, this gospel we have said; for on the third day Jesus rose from the dead!  The Father raised Him up, Christ lives forevermore; if you desire to be saved He is the only door.  If you hear His voice please harden not your heart: For no one really knows, when from this life we’ll part.  Born of God’s spirit my dear reader you must be, to enter into heaven with Jesus forever to see.

If you died today, with your soul would all be well?  For eternity where would you be in heaven or hell?  Jesus is the Redeemer, of sinners this is true; if you call upon His name He will save you too.

Repent and believe the gospel, a new creation you will be; for Jesus said who He makes free, will surely be free indeed!  –GLR

Through the River

One night as I was fast asleep, I had an extraordinary dream.  In this dream, I was walking down a long hill that was covered with bright green grass.  Looking further ahead, I could see that I was gradually approaching a river.  I began to slow down until I came to a complete stop.  There in front of me was a very powerful freshwater river.  Looking to my left, and to my right, it stretched as far as I could see both ways.  The mighty white water rushed past me with such force, I felt like it was lightly pulling me into it.  With an overwhelming sense of danger, I braced myself as I stood there.

The situation began to seem hopeless to me because I knew that I had to cross this river.  Right then, someone walked up from behind, put their arms around me, and firmly held me.  I was even more surprised when this individual began to move forward, closer and closer to the edge of the river.  Just as I was going over the edge, I stiffened my whole body as tightly as I could.  My only thought was, “when we hit this water, we’re one!”

Instantly, I felt the cold water powerfully rush around me.  Amazingly, I was not moved!  We were in this mighty current, but we had not even moved one inch downstream.  I wondered, “how can this be?”

My thoughts were interrupted as I felt myself moving forward again.  I was being taken out toward the middle of this river.  The person behind me was never thrown off balance by the might water, and not once did I sense any struggle as I was effortlessly carried.  “Who was this?” I thought.

My back was against the person’s chest, so I couldn’t turn my whole body around to see them.  My curiosity had overwhelmed me.  I just had to know who this was!  Turning my head to the right as far as I could, I saw a man with brown hair out of the corner of my eye.  He had such a gentle, yet confident expression on his face.  Instantly, I knew who he was.  Jesus was carrying me!

Realizing this awesome truth, I completely rested in his embrace.  I was filled with assurance that I could trust in the one who was holding me.  All of the anxiety that I had felt up until now quickly left me.

Reaching the middle of this river, he turned left and took me upstream.  I could feel the pressure of the oncoming water as it swiftly ran against me, but I continued to move steadily forward.  After going upstream for a little while, he turned right and took me to the other side.  I was where I had so longed to be now.

Then…I awoke.

Thinking on this remarkable dream and the profound spiritual truths it held, this wonderful verse from the Holy Bible was brought to my remembrance: “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you, and through the rivers, they will not overwhelm you…” Isaiah 43.2b

by New-G-5:17

From Bondage to Freedom

A metallic chain with an explosed link.






I walked in darkness and not the light;
I thought this life was just a physical fight;
Being bound in chains by my own sin;
I had no peace within.

I thrived on pain was so full of rage;
My rebellion trapped me in its cage;
I looked for freedom or so I thought;
Not knowing or caring the bondage it brought.

I sought fulfillment in the bottle and drugs;
The daily quest to get a buzz.

When all was gone I wanted more;
I couldn’t accept that all would go black,
Was I ignorant? What knowledge I lack?

Naked and cold one day in a cell,
At my lowest point I felt this was hell.

Not wanting to live, but only to die;
I began to tremble, I began to cry.

Never hardly before, I thought I was tough;
Had complete control, though times got rough.

It was in this state I began to see,
A way of peace for you and me.

My burdens so heavy I could not bear,
To carry them longer, I wondered who cared?

I began to remember what Mom said to me;
How Jesus had died to set sinners free.

I rejected all that she had to say,
And in my pride I chose my own way.

But now the reality of my life had set in;
No hope let in this world, could I find it in Him?

Would Jesus forgive me if I called on His name?
Would He accept me, and free me from shame?

Before this was crazy, it sounded absurd,
But now I believed the gospel I’d heard.

On my knees in guilt, from the things I’d done.
I cried unto Jesus, “Please forgive them each one.
Come into my heart and have mercy on me;
Make me the new man you’d have me to be.”

I write to you friend, my witness is true.
Christ surely will do what He promised to do.

When the things of this world caused me such strife,
In the end only Jesus could give me true life.

A life full of peace, joy, and love.
That can only be given from the Father above.

Now my heart is filled with such heavenly bliss, and I
Have a new song that goes just like this.

Father in heaven, how great you are!

Thank you for salvation, through Jesus our Lord.

Christ died at Calvary, to save you and me,
Through the blood of Jesus, God’s forgiveness is free.


In Christ By Grace,